The Comments

“My son Delroy has made great strides and he has had the good fortune to be selected for Latymer School. I have no doubt that the workshops contributed to his success."

Ms E. Bonsu

“Lisa is doing extremely well and has won the class prize this year. Her ability to concentrate has greatly improved. Her understanding and quality of work is of a much higher standard. Many thanks for all your help.”

Ms E. Ward

“We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the great help you have given Ibrahim, which has helped him pass his entrance test at Haberdashers.

Mr C. Y. Beha

“We have found these classes to be of great benefit to our children, enabling our eldest child to successfully pass the entrance examination for Q.E. boys.”

Mr N. A. Yassin

“Since Anne-Marie started your Maths and English classes, I've noticed that her marks have come on great. I am very happy with her progress.

Mrs E Kelly

“Our daughter was given a predicted grade of D. Her mock exam grade had risen to a B. With hard work and encouragement from Superior Tutors, she managed to obtain an A grade in the GCSE summer exam.

Mrs H. Patel

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