School Support

At Superior Tutors we endeavour to help pupils of all abilities. For those pupils who require basic literacy and numeracy skills, we go ‘back to basics’. This involves:

• Phonological awareness, phonics and spellings,
• Word recognition graphic knowledge and spelling
• Vocabulary extension
• Grammatical awareness
• Understanding of print
• Reading comprehension
• Writing compositions
• Handwriting

In maths, we seek to establish a solid grounding in:

• Using and applying maths
• Number and algebra
• Shape, space and measures
• Handling data

For children who are working within National Expectations, we seek to consolidate schoolwork and introduce new concepts, building a strong foundation and eliminating misconceptions before they become an area of concern.

For children who are working above National Expectations, Gifted and Talented, must be given stimulating educational experiences appropriate to their level of ability if they are to realise their potential. We provide challenging and stimulating work, within an environment that challenges and stimulates to bring forth high levels of ability and talent.


“Our son Christopher attended the supplementary teaching classes. As a result of these sessions, his Maths and English comprehension have improved dramatically. He is more able to follow his school work. I would recommend the classes to any parent who is seeking to improve their child’s chances.

Mr .C.O.Mortimer

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