We understand that parents/carers are keen to know their children’s current level of attainment, and if they are working within, below or above National Expectations for their age, and therefore where development is needed.
We offer comprehensive assessments in English and Mathematics, for pupils in Years 2 to 11. From the Department of Education and Skills booklet:
“How is your child doing at school?”

“What National Curriculum level should most children achieve?

Key Stage 1 (Age 7)
At least 2b—level 2 is divided into three sub-levels (2a, 2b and 2c)
Children who achieve no higher than 2c may not be progressing well enough to reach level 4 when they are 11.
Key Stage 2 (Age 11)
At least level 4.
Key Stage 3 (Age 14)
At least level 5. Many will be expected to achieve level 6.”

English: The English test provides a reading, writing and overall English level, which will include sub-levels. These assessments take approximately three hours to be administered and an additional 90 minutes is required for marking.

Mathematics: The Mathematics test provides an overall Mathematics level, including sub-level. These assessments take two and half hours to be administered and an additional one hour to be marked.

Feed back to parents/carers is provided and recommendations are made for the next steps /targets. We are also able to offer an Individual Program of Study.

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